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Neo Kei – 6 June 2012

Hi Minna!

Firstly big apologies for publishing last week’s post with a lot of loose hyperlinks. In my commitment to keep the blog updated regularly I set a publishing timer, but didn’t finish formating before the deadline. In future I’ll make sure all the news and info is up-to-date before sending it out into the big wide world. And then once I took out the publishing deadline, I managed to skip a whole week! I will be more diligent with the posting in future.

Now onto the double-dose of latest news. It’s great that there’s so many artists not just celebrating their anniversaries in special ways, but also are open to their fan’s opinions and act on their voting. Plus check out an unsual cover coming soon. Enjoy!

Artist News

  • After the news about their single on Neo Kei XBOOM BOOM SATELLITES will be collaborating with video sharing website Nico Nico Douga for upcoming single BROKEN MIRROR for a remix contest. Fans can use track parts from the release and submit their remix via Nico Nico Douga: Zero, and in early August the group will choose the winning track that will feature on their upcoming remix album  due in September. Exciting stuff!
  • Kanjani8- have announced their plans to celebrate their eight year anniversary, with the Fan Gratitude CD Special Free Event at their hometown Osaka on 08/08/2012, and their fan festival 8 Festival ~Bokuramo 8cchai, 8cchake Matsuri in August.
  • Kyary PamyuPamyu has reached Number 1 in the ORICON Daily Charts, American, French and Belgium Electronic iTunes charts with her first album PamyuPmayu Revolution. She has also been featured in Jigoku no Misawa’s manga Kakko-Kawaii Sengen.
  • After their last world tour date on 31/05/2012 in Honolulu, the day was established as L’Arc~en~Ciel Day in the city. They are the third Japanese act to have a day established for them, after TUBE and Arashi. Also L’Arc~en~Ciel are letting their fans vote for which countries they visit on their next world tour. Voting started on 01/06/2012, check it out and vote for your country, or the UK!
  • On 25/05/2012 Moritaka Chisato announced a number of activities for her twenty-fifth anniversary. First she has her YouTube project 200 Songs Self Cover Project with archive and new videos, including cover videos of all the songs released between 1987 and 1999. Her singles are available digitally for a limited time in Chaku-Uta form through Recochoku. And finally her single collection album The Singles is out on 08/08/2012.
  • For MUCC-Day (MUCC‘s 15th anniversary live) on 09/06/2012, the band are looking for 69 reporters to cover the event and share on their personal blogs.
  • Acapella group RAG FAIR will make their December 2012.
  • Morning Musume‘s manager has announced a new project, an all-girl rock band for member Reina Tanaka.
  • Tokyo Jihen have launched a special website. It includes video clips, photos and liner notes, so check it out.

Release News

  • Singer/songwriter aiko is making her first release in two years with her tenth album Toki no silhouette on 20/06/2012.
  • An Cafe will be releasing their first mini-album in two and a half years on 08/08/2012. No title yet, but I am really looking forward to it, I might just pre-order.
  • After providing for the first game, Ayumi Hamasaki will be providing the theme song for the video game Tales of Xillia 2.
  • BONNIE PINK has a double release planned, with her single Machi no Namae due on 04/07/2012, followed by her twelfth album Chasing Hope on 25/07/2012.
  • A number of rock and visual kei artists such as MERRY, MUCC and Acid Black Cherry have covered BUCK-TICK tracks for their tribute album PARADE II–RESPECTIVE TRACKS OF BUCK-TICK, out on 04/07/2012.
  • Hip-hop group Caramel Peppers‘ third mini album LOVE LOVE LOVE SONGS 3 is out on 18/07/2012.
  • D=OUT will release their mini-album high collar on 15/08/2012 in three editions.
  • will release their single Kirakira Tune / Sabotage on 18/07/2012. An idol group covering this Beastie Boys track?
    This I must hear.
  • The latest album from the GazettE will be DIVISION, out on 29/08/2012.
  • KAT-TUN‘s latest single will be TO THE LIMIT on 27/06/2012.
  • L’Arc~en~Ciel will release their best-of live DVD LIVE TWENTY and tribute album L’Arc~en~Ciel Tribute, both on 13/06/2012.
  • lynch. will make their major debut with the album INFERIORITY COMPLEX, out on 27/06/2012.
  • Another major debut is planned for Vision Factory performer Miura Ryosuke with the single Natsu dayo HONEY!! on 11/07/2012.
  • Moi dix Mois are releasing Reprise on 11/07/2012 for their tenth anniversary. It features new versions of songs voted for by their fans.
  • MUCC released two singles, ARCADIA FEATURING DAISHI DANCE and NIRVANA , digitally on 25/05/2012.
  • Female rockers Negoto will release their single Lightdentity / Re:myend! on 08/08/2012. Both tracks will be used as theme songs, Lightdentity will be in the CM for a nurse recruitment website and Re:myend! will be in the anime movie  After School Midnighters, out on 25/08/2012.
  • If there aren’t enough AKB48 sub groups, new unit NO NAME will make their debut with their single Kibou ni Tsuite on 01/08/2012.
  • Sadie have releases due, first their DVD with all their thirteen PVs since forming, CLIPS-13 is available from 11/07/2012 . Then the single METEOR will follow on 25/07/2012.
  • Morecover album news, V-ANIME ROCKS!, due on 01/08/2012, features some of the most current visual kei artists with themes from classic anime such as DRAGON BALL Z, Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evangelion and YuYu Hakusho. I know not everyone who enjoys Japanese music enjoys anime, but I imagine a lot of people were introduced to the music like me through anime. I’d love to play some of these tracks at a Neo Kei event.
  • On 27/06/2012 ViViD will release their album INFINITY.

Live News

  • Her first dome tour in fifteen years, Amuro Namie will be embarking on namie amuro 5dai Dome TOUR 2012 ~20th Anniversary Best~ in November and December. Twenty of the set list songs will be voted for by the fans through the twentieth anniversary website.
  • Angelo will host their first featured event Angelo Presents – THE INTERSECTION OF DOGMA on 17/08/2012 at SHIBUYA-AX and will also include girugamesh, lynch., MERRY and Sadie with a live-battle. Fighto!
  • On 10/06/2012 BUCK-TICK will host their at the NIGHT SIDE 2012 performance at Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall and it will be available live online on NicoNico NamaHousou.
  • DJ Kentaro will appear at London’s XOYO on 14/07/2012 as part of his European tour.
  • GLAY have revealed they will release their live DVD s just revealed that they will be releasing a new live DVD on July 25th, GLAY HIGHCOMMUNICATIONS TOUR 2011-2012 ‘RED MOON&SILVER SUN’ at Nippon Budoukan exclusively through their mail-order website G-DIRECT from 25/07/2012
  • Between December and January, LUNA SEA will be touring with their one-man live LUNA SEA LIVE 2012-2013 The End of the Dream.They will be at Osaka-jo Hall and Nippon Budokan for the first time in twelve years.
  • Perfume will release their live DVD Perfume 3rd Tour ‘JPN on 01/08/2012, featuring footage from the second day in their hometown.
  • the GazettE, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION and Perfume have been added to the line up for The RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL in Hokkaido.

Be Genki (^o^)y


Neo Kei – 13 Oct 2011

13 Oct 2011 – How are you doing? How are you liking the content so far? Is there more types of information you’d like, more videos or bios of featured artists? Should there be dedicated artist, video etc pages.


  • AKB48 sub-unit Not yet  will be releasing their third single on 16/11/2011, entitled Pera Pera Perao. Another sub-unit Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 also have a single due on 30/11/2011, as yet untitled.
  • Also on 16/11/2011, T.M.Revolution will release his album UTAGE, which includes songs used for the anime Sengoku Basara. Yeah for T.M. Revolution!
  • New visual kei act Awoi have confirmed they will be releasing their mini-album CHILDREN ON 26/10/2011. This release will be supported by the tour the child of CHILDREN which they announced a few months ago.
  • Following from the release of their next single, SID have announced an untitled single will be released 07/12/2011.
  • A best of album will be released from Big Bang on 23/11/2011. Entitled THE BEST OF BIGBANG, a regular edition will include 14 tracks, a limited edition will have 2 CDs with both their best Japanese and Korean tracks and a DVD, and the special edition will also have a T-shirt.
  • girl next door have got 2 singles due for release over the next couple of months. The first is ROCK YOUR BODY on 19/10/2011, followed by Boogie-Woogie Night on 16/11/2011, which is also member Chisa’s birthday. Here is a preview of the ROCK YOUR BODY PV.
  • NICO Touches the Walls will have their new album HUMANIA on sale on 07/12/2011. Unconfirmed tracks on the album will be Te wo Tatake (au LISMO’s CM song), Endless roll (theme for “Switch wo Osu Toki“) and Bicycle (the theme for “11-nin mo Iru!“).
  • Female visual kei group exist†trace will release their new album THE LAST DAYBREAK on 19/10/2011.
  • Former DELUHI drummer Sujk is releasing a solo album called ARKHELISM on 07/12/2011. It even features some of his ex-members.
  • A posthumous album will be released of recordings from former Kagrra, singer Isshi. Entitled Kouyou, it will be available on his birthday, 07/12/2011.
  • Backstreet Boys member Howie D will be collaborating with singer/actor Shirota Yu (aka ‘U‘) on a track on Howie’s album BACK TO ME. The song If I Say will be a bonus track on the Japanese release, due on 09/11/2011, the song itself is available from 12/10/2011.
  • Another US/Japan collaboration  with Jason Derulo and Akanishi Jin. His US debut, the single Test Drive will be digitally released on 08/11/2011.
  • And a third East meets West collaboration, R&B singer AI will release Letter In The Sky on 14/12/2011, with none other than the Jackson brothers. This will be the theme song for the MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE LIVE, which will be held on 13/12 and 14/12/2011 at Yoyogi National Stadium.
  • Folk pair Yuzu will be releasing their single Sho and a live DVD LIVE FILMS 2 -NI, both on 30/11/2011. A Chaku-Uta (mobile ringtone I think) was launched on 05/10/2011. The releases include concert footage fromOkinawa and Yokohama.
  • Hope and The Silve Sunrise is the title of GLAY‘s Christmas mini-album, to be released on 14/12/2011. The regular and limited edition, and a Blu-ray/DVD release of their fan club lives We Love HappySwing will be available through their mail-order site G-DIRECT. More reasons to start counting down to Christmas!


  • Visual kei act D will be releasing a DVD to commerate their first overseas tour on 20/10/2011. D TOUR 2011 VAMPIRE SAGA ~Path of the Rose~ European Tour and A-Kon Documentary DVD will include footage from European and US performances. If you were there will you spot yourself in the audience?
  • MUCC have also released a live DVD for their most recent tour, due on 23/11/2011. Entitled MUCC Tour “Chemical Parade” Complete, it will feature the concert at Nippon Budokan on 21/05/2011 and include footage of the entire Chemical Parade tour that started the year before.
  • Kuwata Keisuke’s DVD of his September live, “Miyagi Live ~Ashita e no March!!~“, will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on 16/112011, and part of the proceeds will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.
  • ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION will make their second performance at Waseda University’s school festival on 05/11/2011, subtitled Sayonara Yutori Generation.
  • A host of acts will be performing at a 3 day Christmas live, entitled LAWSON present MUSIC FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE supported by Sukapaa between 23/12/2011 and 25/12/2011 at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Out of the 15 groups, some already confirmed are flumpool, Hilcrhyme, Kimaguren,   JUJU, KARA and Koda Kumi, with the concept of positivity after the horrific disaster earlier this year.
  • And speaking of stars,  on 09/10/2011, 7 acts performed at The 2nd Japan-Vietnam Music Festival~Kono Heiwa wo Yume mite~ at the Opera House in Hanoi. This was to thank Vietnam for their support during the earthquake and also to celebrate the 100th year of the venue. Some of the acts performing include AKB48, Koda Kumi, and EXILE.
  • Morning Musume。have a new line up with new tenth generation members. This was announced during the penultimate concert of their tour  Morning Musume。 concert tour 2011 Aki Ai BELIEVE ~ Takahashi Ai sotsugyō kinen special ~. This was also the last performance for group leader Takahashi Ai.
  • Speaking of new-line ups, DragonWRAPPER will lose their vocalist koUME after their concert on 23/11/2011, and will be going on a 1 month hiatus.
  • Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo have left Johnny’s Entertainment group NEWS. Yamashita is going solo, Nishikido will continue with Kanjani8.
  • Shibasaki Kou, DECO*27, and TeddyLoid have joined together to create a new group called galaxias. Having previously worked together on Shibasaki’s single Mukei Spirit in February, their debut album is penciled in for a November release.
  • On 01/10/2011, Every Little Thing started their nationwide tour, “Every Little Thing 15th Anniversary Concert Tour 2011~2012 ‘ORDINARY’“, at Urayasu Bunka Kaikan in Chiba to celebrate 15 years together.
  • Angelo held a surprise live at Shinjuku Station Square on 04/10/2011. This was to celebrate the release of their album BABEL on 05/10/2011. This is the first live since Karyu (ex. D’espairsRay) and Giru (ex. Vidoll) joined, but authorities stoppped it after 3 songs due to overcrowding!
  • Leader of L’Arc~en~Ciel tetsuya celebrated his 42nd birthday on the second date at Hokkaido on their “20th L’Anniversary TOUR“.
  • Internationally recognised DIR EN GREY have offically announced their political campgain project SCREAM FOR THE TRUTH. The band are accusing the Japanese Government of hiding the truth about the radiation level after the nuclear disaster caused by the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. They have opened a website, which has their open letter which was originally posted on their offical Facebook page on 01/08/2011.
  • MTV are launching a new platform that will promote international music to US audiences, through programming, online content and social media.
  • And what would the blog be wthout Bishi-Bishi news? I’ve added more artists onto their online store, including Word Sketch, OYAMAxNITTA and SHAME.


  • Ahead of the second V-ROCK FESTIVAL on 23/10/2011, several artists have recorded video comments, including Golden Bomber, YELLOW FRIED CHICKENZ
  • After annoucning her Japanese debut last week, a short PV has been released for Gummy‘s single Gomen ne.
  • Check out here the PV for Mahou no Melody from Tegomass.
  • Here is a preview of the PV for Brain Diver from May’n, due on 02/11/2011.
  • And here is the PV for Superfly‘s single Ai wo Kurae, which was released on 12/10/2011.
  • On 02/10/2011’s edition of Music Japan, there were performances from SID, Itsuka, Porno Graffitti, Tohoshinki and AKB48.
  • Also there were performances from Kimura Kaela, SID, Rake, Sonar Pocket and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on 10/10/2011’s episode of Coming Soon!.
  • Matenrou Opera have released the PV for their single Otoshiana no soko wa konna sekai, released on 19/10/2011.


  • Here are the chart results from Oricon for week 40 and 41.

Have a good week and I hope to see you at this Saturday’s first Neo Kei night.

Be Genki (^o^)y