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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is incognito at Tokyo DisneySea

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu goes to Tokyo DisneySea dressed like a total creeper –


SCANDAL Becomes First Band to be on the Cover of British Magazine NEO

Japan Underground | JPU Records Ltd.

NEO 138 - SCANDAL cover

SCANDAL, one of Japan’s most powerful all-girl rock bands, will feature on the cover of issue 138 of NEO Magazine in the UK from 12 June 2015, following the successful conclusion of their first world tour, their latest music video Image passing one million views, and the release of two international albums in the last six months through London’s JPU Records.

It’s the first time a band has featured on the cover of the British anime, manga and Asian pop-culture publication since beginning ten years ago under publisher Uncooked Media. Fittingly, SCANDAL has also has their music used in hugely popular anime as Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist and the latest Pokémon film.

The issue of NEO boasts an extensive six-page interview with the band, including exclusive photos from their sold out show at the O2 Academy Islington, as well as the group’s first time sight-seeing in London, including their homage…

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Playlist 14-5-15 *Covers Edition

Beard's Asian Tour Blog

Nightmare- Friend Like Me Japan (Robin Williams)
Momoiro Clover Z- Rock and Roll All Nite Japan (KISS)
fade- Livin’ On A Prayer Japan (Bon Jovi)
Youn Sun Nah- Enter Sandman Korea (Metallica)
PUFFY- Basket Case Japan (Green Day)
Boom Boom Satellites- Helter Skelter Japan (The Beatles)
LOST- Live While We’re Young Japan (One Direction)
GILLE- Grenade Japan (Bruno Mars)
Superfly- Fooled Around and Fell In Love Japan (Elvin Bishop)
2NE1- Like A Virgin Korea (Madonna)
MAN WITHOUT A MISSION- Smells Like Teen Spirit Japan (Nirvana)
VAMPS- LIVE WIRE Japan (Mötley Crüe)
Tucker- Jump Around Japan (House of Pain)
Kaela Kimura ft Yasuyuki Oka- Take On Me Japan (A-Ha)
UVERworld- Born Slippy Japan (Underworld) Sabotage Japan (Beastie Boys)
Polysics- My Sharona Japan (The Knacks)
Utada Hikaru- Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) Japan (Kaye Ballard)
Chay- Let It Be Japan (The Beatles)
Shonen Knife- Top of the World

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Releases Modai Girl Video

Great preview of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s new PV

It’s such a refreshing change to have a short PV that lasts more than a minute.
You can always count on great designs and costumes from Kyary. I’m particularly liking her goth look, very different sugary dresses.

Looking forward to the release so that I can add this to the DJ playlists.

Japan Underground | JPU Records Ltd.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Modai Girl

A “short” version (hey – it’s nearly 3 minutes in length! That’s longer than most punk songs) of Mondai Girl has been released on the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s official YouTube channel today. The track is taken from her upcoming triple A single due for release on 18 March. The single’s other two A-side tracks have already been revealed; My Room, used in a commercial for a room rental app (click here to see it); and KISEKAE, used in the New Nintendo 3DS adverts last year.

A longer version of Mondai Girl (“Problem Girl”) is apparently on the way, and the single will be made available here via Kyary’s iTunes page,

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Working in a Japanese Company – the Beginnings

This is a really interesting article. I’ve never been to Japan, but I recognise a lot of these characteristics from dramas I’ve watched, especially Angeo and Real Clothes (some of my earliest introductions to dramas).
Having to get overtime approved first is the same in the UK as it is in the US. It’s good to know in Japan that you’ll get paid, but it must be difficult to always keep proper social plans.
I think I would actually like work parties to be more of UK culture. I’ve worked in a lot of offices where most of the staff has been older than me, so it’s been difficult to find chances to socialise apart from Christmas. Also I believe that networking can be really beneficial to careers so it would help to know my colleagues better. But again the impact on personal social plans must again it must be tricky to put work ahead of social life. I’d also worry about how to socialise with my managers.
Hope things remain good for you at the company, looking forward to reading more about it.


I started my first day of working in a Japanese company on December 1st of 2014 and have just completed my first month of work. I had studied about working in Japanese companies in my MBA program in Kyoto, Japan and in University, but none of that could prepare me for the real deal, especially the cultural differences that come with it. While I can deal with many things, because I have lived in Japan for over 2 years now and have studied abroad here 3 times in university, working is a totally different environment. So today, I will be sharing with you some of my experiences from beginning to work at a Japanese company.

The first big difference that I noticed on my first day of work is the office itself. The office is one room with no cubicles, just two rows of desks lined up next to…

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KISS Shrine Lanterns

A really interesting promotional idea for KISS

Tokyo Five

Udo Music Promoters, the Japanese company in charge of organizing and promoting the upcoming KISS Japan Tour 2015 (My post about it) has put up many billboards and flyers around Japan about the KISS concerts, they’ve also had KISS on Japanese TV programs.
Those are normal for concert promotion.

But sometimes Udo Music will do something unique and unusual to promote a band.
For example, before the 2013 KISS Japan Tour, there were “KISS Spicy Niku-man” dumplings available at convenience stores here. (They were delicious!)

Well, often when shrines in Japan have a festival, there will be rows of 提灯 (Japanese paper lanterns) with the names of companies, organizations and individuals who made monetary contributions to the shrine.

Rows and rows of 提灯 with contributors’ names printed on them at the “Mitama Festival” at Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo.

They’re a very common sight in…

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