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Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-


also known as:   Versailles
major – active (2007 – )

Power metal band Versailles was formed in 2007 when ex-LAREINE vocalist KAMIJO joined forces with guitarist HIZAKI. Named after the infamous French chateau, they defied the trend among visual kei bands of the time for more subdued stage garb, bedecking themselves in the kind of elaborate Rococo-inspired costumery made popular by MALICE MIZER.

Versailles were extraordinarily outward-looking for such a young band, and managed to release their debut mini-album Lyrical Sympathy simultaneously in Japan and Europe. It took the quintet less than a year to play their first overseas shows, joining Matenrou Opera for a European tour in spring 2008.

Enduring the untimely death of bassist Jasmine You in August 2009, Versailles released three albums on major label Warner Music Japan before declaring a hiatus in December 2012. In 2015, the quintet played their first show in three years, and announced a formal reunion in June 2016.

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Source: JAME-World