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Hamasaki Ayumi


also known as:   Ayumi Hamasaki
major – active (1998 – )

Hamasaki Ayumi (otherwise known as ayu to her fans) is quite simply known as the Madonna of Japan. With her boundless ability to both compose lyrics based on her own experiences coupled with her constantly changing image, it is no wonder that this petite woman has achieved the status that she has.

Although Hamasaki focuses mainly on the genre of popular music, she is well known for the vast repertoire of techno and classical albums that also surround her work. With her characteristic nasal tone and generally upbeat tracks coupled with her sense of fashion and clean media image, one can be certain that Hamasaki Ayumi will remain a household name for years to come.

Neo Kei’s favourite song: Boys and Girls


Source: JAME-World

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