Neo Kei

For fans of Japanese Popular Music. From para para to visual kei and every genre inbetween!

Neo Kei Events

Here is where I will post any information about Neo Kei events that I am organising. I will be hosting and DJing my own events to bring the latest and classic tracks from the best Japanese artists. This will be a great chance to hear new music and to meet new people who have the same love of Japanese music.

When I started in 2011 my original intention was to host regular club nights. When I was in University I went to a couple of a promoter’s events just before the venue closed. As I was still learning about different genres, I was really happy to hear Japanese music out in the ‘real world’ and see other people outside of my friends and Anime Society who were just as excited as I.

Unfortunately for a number of different factors, I haven’t made these regular nights happen. I am working on different ways to share my passion and knowledge of music (through recorded mixes and more regular articles). I really want to make links with other people and groups interested in Japanese culture and see if we can do some cross-collaboration events. I’m also going to put myself out there more and apply to DJ at appropriate events and festivals (i.e. Doki Doki Festival and London Matsuri). If you know of any events or want a Japanese event in your area, then let me know.






Be Genki (^o^)y

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