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Christmas Playlist 2014

Well ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, it’s not long to go until it’s Christmas Day.

So to help you get into the spirit, as musical fuel to get those last errands done, or as background to your festive activities on 25th December, here are the a collection of Christmas songs all the way from Japan.

Have a Merry Christmas and a genki time xx

Let the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra transport you into your favorite Square Enix games!

I definitely find it true that role playing games have great soundtracks. Whether the music perfectly encapsulates the dramatic moment or gets stuck in your head after having numerous attempts at the boss level, it’s great to listen to outside of the game. And it’s wonderful that these scores are getting recognition with these concerts.

JPU Matt’s Top 5 Albums of 2013

Last year Japan Underground’s Matt share his top 5 albums of last year. I certainly agree about BOOM BOOM SATELLITES and ONE OK ROCK.
What will be their top picks of 2014?

Japan Underground | JPU Records Ltd.

Last week we caught up with JPU Records’ sparkly assistant Chriss for her top five albums of 2013, which includes its fair share of visual kei, glam rock and electro-pop cheese. Next up on the firing squad is JPU Matt: salesman extraordinaire. If you’ve ever visited the JPU Records shop at events, he’s probably the reason you’ve over spent and ended up going home with way more CDs than you set out to get. When not at the shop you’ll probably find him shouting at the Japan Underground DJ to play his favourite songs, or front-row of a random gig somewhere in the UK. Here are his top five albums of the year:

A Day To Remember – Common Courtesy

“A relatively late entrance into the running as the album only got a physical release on November 25th but an instant hit in my books. This album is crammed full of…

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