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Reviving the Neo Kei blog

I was really surprised at the positive reaction to my Kyary Pamyu Pamyu article a couple of weeks ago. I’ll call it an article because I wrote a lot more than I expected!


I got praise and encouragement from my friends. And a big surprise was getting a real comment. I had been deleting the spam comments for so long I’d forgotten what they should be like!


So it’s encouraging to do more, even if it’s little and often. I was so keen on being a source of information and bringing together all the exciting news pieces, that I wasn’t being any different than a search engine.

I’m also going to vary the types of posts I make. So I might reshare a news article, then I might share a new PV and share my reactions. I might talk about favourite acts, new acts or my early introductions to Japanese music. I have a Japanese iTunes account, so when I buy a new song, I’ll tell you about it and my reasons why. I also will finally share my DJ mixes. I’ve sporadically performed over the last few years but haven’t been able to tell anyone else about them. I was very excited when I crafted these mixes as I loved the songs and was really happy that I could cross the genres I did within my sets. So I’ll share those, and also make smaller mixes of earlier more recent songs or certain genres.


I think I didn’t take for granted the importance that my early ‘teachers’ had in introducing me to the music, but I think I didn’t realise the amount of information I have about Japanese music. Probably not as much as someone actually living in Japan, or a reviewer who’s a lot more involved in the scene. But what I do know helps me in my new song choices, DJ mixes and choosing which news articles to share. And ultimately it will help me to better share information about Japanese music. And that’s all I’ve ever wanted, to share and to help those who are new to the music like I was helped in the beginning.


I hope you look forward to more posts from Neo Kei.


Be genki!