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Big News Big News ….

Big News Big News ….

I’m very excited to announce that I will be a guest DJ at the Doki Doki Festival in Manchester!


It’s a fantastic festival that will have a variety of events to celebrate traditional and modern Japanese culture. There’ll be games, cosplay, films, food/drink and (importantly for me) music.


I will be DJing inbetween the musical performances, which will range from traditional instrumentals to j-rock and j-pop. I will be sure to be promoting all the performers in the lead up to the festival.


The festival will be Saturday 9th November 2013, from 9am to 7pm at the Sugden Sports Centre in Manchester. You can get your tickets here (if you haven’t got them already!)


If you have any song requests then please let me know. I’ll be promoting the festival, its events and the performers in the countdown to 9th November (and trying to contain my excitement!)


Be Genki!

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I first started listening to Japanese music when I started university in 2006. Whilst I was taken aback at the first I was soon fascinated by the new styles I heard. This passion is the basis for Neo Kei, for followers and fans of Japanese popular music. Any style of music is welcome. I am particularly enjoy r'n'b and oshare kei, but I listen to many genres such as para-para, euro beat, visual kei, electronica, hip hop, heavy metal, pop, alternative and many many more. Here I will share news on the newest releases, new videos, concert announcements and artist news. I am so working on establishing a regular club night dedicated to Japanese music in Liverpool. No music is too kawaii, dark, abstract or geeky to play! Keep a keen eye on the blogs, Facebook or Twitter as things develop. Feel free to share any bands you like, or music you want to hear on Neo Kei nights or just any J-music news you want to share.

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