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New Year, New Challenges

Hi Minna!


Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. I had a relaxing time catching up with friends and family. I still need to write letters to my friends as part of the Japanese tradition of nengajō, even though we’re a week into 2013. But I still want to start my own little tradition and improve my timings next year!

I am already planning big things for Neo Kei this year, which I will share as more details are confirmed.

In the meantime, I thought of an interesting experiment. To find out where you’re musicial tastes lie and to test your musical knowledge, I want you to write down and name as many Japanese artists as you can remember within 3 minutes. Send your answers as a reply to this post and I’ll post mine in a week’s time.

I’ll be getting back into the habit of finding out the latest music news and new sounds from Japan, so keep an eye out of these pages.


Be Genki (^o^)y

Author: neokeiuk

I first started listening to Japanese music when I started university in 2006. Whilst I was taken aback at the first I was soon fascinated by the new styles I heard. This passion is the basis for Neo Kei, for followers and fans of Japanese popular music. Any style of music is welcome. I am particularly enjoy r'n'b and oshare kei, but I listen to many genres such as para-para, euro beat, visual kei, electronica, hip hop, heavy metal, pop, alternative and many many more. Here I will share news on the newest releases, new videos, concert announcements and artist news. I am so working on establishing a regular club night dedicated to Japanese music in Liverpool. No music is too kawaii, dark, abstract or geeky to play! Keep a keen eye on the blogs, Facebook or Twitter as things develop. Feel free to share any bands you like, or music you want to hear on Neo Kei nights or just any J-music news you want to share.

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