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New Year, New Challenges

Hi Minna!


Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. I had a relaxing time catching up with friends and family. I still need to write letters to my friends as part of the Japanese tradition of nengajō, even though we’re a week into 2013. But I still want to start my own little tradition and improve my timings next year!

I am already planning big things for Neo Kei this year, which I will share as more details are confirmed.

In the meantime, I thought of an interesting experiment. To find out where you’re musicial tastes lie and to test your musical knowledge, I want you to write down and name as many Japanese artists as you can remember within 3 minutes. Send your answers as a reply to this post and I’ll post mine in a week’s time.

I’ll be getting back into the habit of finding out the latest music news and new sounds from Japan, so keep an eye out of these pages.


Be Genki (^o^)y