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Japan Underground | JPU Records Ltd.

When: Friday 19 October 2012 from 7-11pm.
Where: The Pipeline, 94 Middlesex Street, E1 7DA.
Tickets: £5 adv. ( or with a flyer.  £8 on the door.
Event pages:
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Stage: 9:30. One of our favourite new unsigned acts from Japan. 33Insanity’sVertebra promise to tear up London with their first overseas show. Helping them do so is model and vocalist Nozomi, bringing a surreal mixture of beauty and brawn to band’s sound.


Stage: 8:45. Get ready for a dose of sunshine pop, direct from Tokyo’s most fashionable distract;  Shibuya! miette-one is the solo project of sibuya-kei indie producer Sayuri Hashimoto.

yuki kawana

Stage: 8:00. “There is a reminiscence like of Pavement, Lou Barlow, SONIC YOUTH, PIXIES, and Beck, also the Velvet Underground, which is her roots… chords running through lo-fi sounds in a some what alt / grunge manner, pierced with a unexpectedly…

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Japan Underground | JPU Records Ltd.

GACKT has finally returned to his solo work after three years break with his band YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz. Fans have waited not so patiently for the Japanese superstar to return to his solo work and he has now responded with a new single, HAKURO, which will be released simultaneously in Europe and Japan.

It’s good to see GACKT return to his snug fitting leather and lordly ways, and this single displays all the best kind of drama. With a running theme of noble samurai, the video preview for the single (which you can see here) shows a brief glimpse of autumnal leaves and a suitably dramatic GACKT singing under a huge moon. The single itself also taps these themes with traditional Japanese instruments infused with an orchestral overture which results in a track that might come from a samurai film. The vocals are powerful and smooth, with some…

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Very interesting post. The only thing I would think to disagree with is about the jobs, as I get the impression that jobs are a lot more important for social status. But maybe it’s only important when distinguishing between either being unemployed/a temporary worker compared to owning your own business or being a manager. Japan is still a place I really want to go to, and Tokyo Five highlights all the reasons why it’s such a great country.

Tokyo Five

There are many cultural differences between Japan and America. Too many to list.

And, to tell the truth, although I was born and raised in America…I have spent just about my entire adult life in Japan—so I have become more used to Japanese culture than American.

What is considered “normal” behavior here in Japan just seems like the usual “common sense” way to act…and, honestly, sometimes the standard “normal” behavior in America seems unusual or “quirky”.

Most of the cultural differences that I’m thinking of aren’t real important…just the different ways of doing things in different countries and cultures.

For example…

– When people talk in America, they are usually quite direct and to the point. Often stating their opinion on a given subject quite brazenly.

But that’s generally impolite in Japan. Here, rather than directly stating an opinion—especially a conflicting one—a person’s feelings are usually expressed…

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