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Neo Kei – 21 Sept 2012

Hi Minna!

How’ve you been? I know I haven’t posted in a while, but at least that means a bumper issue of Japanese news!


Release News

There’s been a lot of releases through the GANSHIN label that I’ve neglected to report on, so here’s a quick summary.

NoGoD – Genjitsu (download from 11/07/2012), DaizyStripperMASTERPIECES (download/stream from 10/08/2012), An Cafeamazing blue (mini album from 17/08/2012), AND – ECCENTRIC AGENTSensenfukoku (1st digital album on 31/08/2012)

03/10/2012 REALies – LEVEL [first full album release]

10/10/2012 ChatmonchyHenshin [album release], Dollytraumerei [last album release before hiatus], Morning Musume。Wakuteka take a chance [single release]

17/10/2012 Kyary Pamyu PamyuFamous Monster [single release], Sashihara Rino (from HKT48) – Ikujinashi Masquerade [single release]

24/10/2012 Kalafina – Hikari furu [single release], t Kimura Kaela – Sun shower [single release, including a cover of The Beatles’ Hello Goodbye), YUI – SHE LOVES YOU [tribute album]

26/10/2012 Jinkaku Radio – Yui [third album]

31/10/2012 Arashi – Popcorn [album release],  CapellaUtsurikawaru Sekai no Seichoten [1st single since changing band name from Kuu], Galileo GalileiBaby, It’s Cold Outside [mini-album, first release since losing their keyboardist and guitarist], LOUDNESSuntitled [single collection], MUCCMOTHER [single release], RaphaelEternal wish ~todokanu kimi e~ [first single release in 12 years]

06/11/2012 Mix Speaker’s Inc.星降る遊園地 (hoshi furu yuuenchi) [album release]

07/11/2012 Kiryu – tomoshibi [single release]

14/11/2012 Angelo – RETINA [album release], D – Namonaki mori no yumegatari [mini-album release], LOVE PSYCHEDELICOBeautiful World / Happy Xmas (War Is Over) [single release, feeling Christmasy already!], Miyavi – SAMURAI SESSION vol. 1 – [album release]

21/11/2012 A (ACE)ELEMENTA ALCHEMICA[single release, 40 minutes long!], Nightmare – Deus ex machina [single release]

28/11/2012 LM.CDOUBLE DRAGON [single release], THE KIDDIETHE 5 –FIVE [album release]

05/12/2012 GLAY – JUSTICE [from] GUILTY and Unmeiron [2 single releases], UNiTE. – MEANiNG” [album release]

19/12/2012 – NICO Touches the Walls – Yume 1-gou [single release]

Artist News

  • EXILE are nominated for ‘Best Asia Act’ for the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards. Voting closes on 14/10/2012, so support the Japanese artists!
  • Artists from L’Arc~en~Ciel, MO’SOME TONEBENDER and Ling tosite shigure have joined in a new project geek sleep sheep.
  • Speaking of EXILE, EXILE’s company will be giving their new vocal/dance group GENERATIONS their major debut on 21/11/2012.
  • Members of  Morning Musume will be visiting Taipei, Paris and Bangkok  for Hello!Project‘s 15th anniversary.
  • HYDE has a new project in time for Halloween, HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA. The super unit will release the maxi single HALLOWEEN PARTY on 17/10/2012 with artists including Acid Black Cherry, , Tommy heavenly6, Tatsurou (MUCC), Tsuchiya Anna, Hitsugi (NIGHTMARE) and Wakeshima Kanon.
  • Magistina Saga has joined the Starwave Records label.
  • Another music unit has been formed, with members from LUNA SEA, Feeder and 8otto. Muddy Apes have already released their album Crush It to Europe through Bishi Bishi.
  • ONE OK ROCK are currently composing a song for the DmC: Devil May Cry video game.
  • After making a parody video of Call Me Maybe, Japanese singer Rola met Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen.
  • SKE48 is the fourth girl group to reach the 500,000 first week sales mark with their single Kiss Datte Hidarikiki.
  • Tsuchiya Anna has had to postpone activities due to tonsillitis.
  • VELVET EDEN will disband in December.
  • X-JAPAN member YOSHIKI auctioned a private dinner with himself for an American charity, with the winning bid at $37,100. The power of YOSHIKI!

Live News

  • Acid Black Cherry and BREAKERZ will celebrate their fifth anniversary together with their Acid Black Cherry & BREAKERZ 5th Anniversary Live ‘Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine- live on 09/01/2013 at Nippon Budokan.
  • VIP upgrades are available for some of An Cafe‘s European lives. If I wasn’t as broke as an Olympic World Record I would be there! They have also announced dates for a South American tour.
  • Just after releasing their first major album, AYABIE are going on hiatus.
  • On 08/10/2012 JST B’z will live stream the last live of their US tour.
  • BLACK LINE are going on European tour in December. They’ll be going to Africa but not the UK, boo!
  • Between September and November, CROSSFAITH will embark on their 1st European tour, including a whooping NINE dates in the UK. Never miss a chance to see a band live.
  • HOME MADE Kazoku will embark on their HOME MADE Kazoku 3RISE TOUR 2013 ~Good Morning Japan!~ nationwide tour on 12/01/2013
  • September 16th Kanjani8 started their 8EST ~Minna no Omoi wa Dou Nandai? Bokura no Omoi wa Mugendai!!~ tour on 16/09/2012 to celebrate their 8th anniversary.
  • Fukuyama Masaharu will host his 10 day annual year-end live, called Fukuyama☆Fuyu no Daikanshasai,  in December.
  • SUPERFLY will go on a nationwide arena tour in March 2013.


Be Genki (^o^)y

YUI Reveals Artists & Songs for Tribute Album “SHE LOVES YOU”

Check out the link above for information about the tracklisting for YUI’s tribute album SHE LOVES YOU. The details haven’t been finalised yet, but there’s some very interesting acts in that list.

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Be Genki (^o^)y