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Neo Kei – 20 Sept 2011

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20 Sept 2011 – How is everybody? Sorry I didn’t post the latest blog last week, time seems to have gotten away from me recently. But I have learnt how to embed hyperlinks so now I can fit in more news without all the http.

Did anyone watch Miyavi’s live concert last week? I didn’t get to see it (the price of full time employment), but if anyone knows where we could could watch it again please let me know.


  • 60 artists from Sun Music Productons will be collaborating for a charity single entitled FOREVER FRIENDS ~Kokoro ni Taiyou wo!~  on 16/10/2011.
  • J-Pop band 7!! are releasing their single Bye-Bye on 02/11/2011, which is being used as the theme for the anime “Kimi to Boku”
  • L’Arc~en~Ciel’s single XXX will be released on 12/10/2011. New L’Arc~En~Ciel is always a good thing.
  • Another classic band, the Best of Album from LM.C. will be released on 12/10/2011. This will also include the latest single LOVE SONG which will be released on 09/11/2011 and will be the opening theme to the anime Nurarihyon no Mago ~Sennen Makyo~.
  • -Oz- are releasing their single Souga on 05/10/2011. Both versions of the song also share the same sound production man as D’espairsRay and Plastic Tree (Shinobu Narita).
  • The new single and DVD release from Mai Kuraki on 19/10/2011. Your Best Friend will be the ending theme to the anime “Detective Conan”. The song is a collaboration with hip-hop/R&B unit NERDHEAD, led by producer GIORGIO 13 (Giorgio Cancemi), who Mai Kurkai has already worked with and Kana Nishino.
  • As their album won’t be ready for the November release, date, cali≠gari announced through their Twitter account they will be releasing a new single. # _2 will be released on 16/11/2011.
  • Do As Infinity will be releasing their latest single Tasogare on 16/11/2011. Glay are also releasing their new single My Private Jealousy on 16/11/2011, which is part of their band’s three-month consecutive release campaign.
  • In the visual kei corner DaizyStripper will releasing their single Setsubo no Fressia on 02/11/2011.
  • Another visual kei band ViViD will be releasing their new single as yet untitled on 09/11/2011.
  • Golden Bomer are also releasing a as yet untitled single on 23/11/2011.
  • J-pop artist Aoi Eir will be making her debut with the single MEMORIA on 19/10/2011.
  • 1000say also be making their debut with their album APOLLON on 12/10/2011. The link also has a video of their August single release HANE.
  • GACKT is releasing his latest single Graffiti on 30/11/2011, with the B-side being used as a character song for the anime series “SKET DANCE”.
  • The last single release of 2011 from Alice Nine Niji no Yuki will be out on 21/12/2011. Already it’s making me think of Christmas!
  • Her first single in two years (and another favourite artist of mine), Tommy Heavenly is releasing monochrome rainbow on 26/10/2011.
  • An album of anime covers from the Glamroid Metal Music/ digi-rock band marlee, 1ST PROTOTYPE WARS will be released on 30/10/2011.
  • Misaruka will be releasing their fourth maxi-single Merrow on 12/10/2011. This is a continuation of earlier musical concept around The Little Mermaid, this time from the witch’s point of view. I wonder what that sounds like?
  • Techno-pop girl band Perfume are releasing their new untitled single on 02/11/2011, produced by Yasutaka Nakata (who’s also worked with SMAP, Crystal Kay and Tackey and Tsubasa), followed by their album JPN on 30/11/2011.
  • A small departure from her work with Tokyo Jihen, Shenna Ringo is releasing her single Carnation on 02/11/2011.


  • Kuroyume to release new album after 13 years
  • As well as the new single, GACKTwill be working with manga artists CLAMP on a theatre play called MOON SAGA Yoshitsune Hiden’ (‘MOON SAGA: The Secret of Yoshitsune’) in the summer of 2012. There will also be game, film and anime projects around MOON SAGA. I would love to see that anime!
  • R’n’B singer Shimizu Shota is breaking out into the international scene. Under the name SHOTA, his single YOU & I will be available on US iTunes.
  • Speaking of international, the European label Bishi Bishi have signed new artists. SHERBETS, led by Asai Kenichi, as well as his side-project PONTIACS, plus solo work from X JAPAN singer ToshI, and dance musician World Sketch (Tomoharu Moriya) are now available on their online store. Hooray for greater access to new music!
  • Like pancakes and maple syrup, the news of VAMPS hosting Halloween nights sounds like a perfect match. The event will span four nights and as well Acid Black Cherry, sads, SID performing (with more acts to be confirmed), guests will get the chance to karaoke along to their songs and potentially sing onstage


  • To start with here are a variety of performances from 16/09/2011’s Music Station epsiode from EXILE, Koda Kumi, Tohoshinki, Fukuyama Masaharu and Hey! Say! JUMP. Whilst I’m on the subject here is Hey! Say!Jump’s PV for the same single.
  • Every Little Thing will be on tour to celebrate fifteen years in music.
  • Live DVD release of w-ind’s 10th anniversary concert at Nippon Budokan.
  • Versailles will be releasing their live DVD on 02/11/2011 of their night at Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall on 04/09/2010 . Although currently untitled, there will be two editions, with the limited version including a bonus DVD with close-up footage of the band members playing their instruments (in case you think they’re miming?!)


  • Here is a video mix of PVs/live scenes and ‘off shot’ clips  from Dragon Ash, ahead of the release of their video documentary “MIXTURE DVD –VIDEO MIX & DOCUMENT- on , scheduled for release on September 21st.
  • Indie/punk rock band THE SKETCHBOOK have winning elements in their PV for their single CLOVER; school uniforms, internet streaming and a girl guitarist.
  • Following their PV release, Morning Musume performed their newest single Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo! in all their shiney liveness on the show HAPPY MUSIC.
  • Not quite a PV, but here’s a recording/photo montage video for Dream’s single DREAMING GIRLS (released 02/11/2011).
  • flumpool performed their single Akashi on the 10/09/2011 epsiode of Music Fair with a choir.


As I’ve fallen behind, here’s the charts for Week 36, and Week 37.

Be Genki (^o^)y

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