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Neo Kei – 23 Aug 2011

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23 Aug 2011 – Welcome to the first Neo Kei news post!


  • Utada Hikaru and ayaka may be breaking their hiatus
  • As well as re-releasing one of their early tracks, Dir En Grey have also released an iPhone app available in the UK
  • AKB48 now have rivals!
  • Ex D’espairsRay and Vidoll members fully join Angelo


  • Yui has a new single due for release
  • Visual Kei artists have come toegther to release a charity album to support the Tokyo earthquake
  • First Listen of Ayumi Hamasaki‘s single with Juno
  • Yamaarashi’s Takeshi is soon to release album of overseas collaborations under the alias ALLY & DIAZ


  • LITE to perform in Manchester


Be Genki (^o^)y

Author: neokeiuk

I first started listening to Japanese music when I started university in 2006. Whilst I was taken aback at the first I was soon fascinated by the new styles I heard. This passion is the basis for Neo Kei, for followers and fans of Japanese popular music. Any style of music is welcome. I am particularly enjoy r'n'b and oshare kei, but I listen to many genres such as para-para, euro beat, visual kei, electronica, hip hop, heavy metal, pop, alternative and many many more. Here I will share news on the newest releases, new videos, concert announcements and artist news. I am so working on establishing a regular club night dedicated to Japanese music in Liverpool. No music is too kawaii, dark, abstract or geeky to play! Keep a keen eye on the blogs, Facebook or Twitter as things develop. Feel free to share any bands you like, or music you want to hear on Neo Kei nights or just any J-music news you want to share.

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