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Neo Kei – 23 Aug 2011

23 Aug 2011 – Welcome to the first Neo Kei news post!


  • Utada Hikaru and ayaka may be breaking their hiatus
  • As well as re-releasing one of their early tracks, Dir En Grey have also released an iPhone app available in the UK
  • AKB48 now have rivals!
  • Ex D’espairsRay and Vidoll members fully join Angelo


  • Yui has a new single due for release
  • Visual Kei artists have come toegther to release a charity album to support the Tokyo earthquake
  • First Listen of Ayumi Hamasaki‘s single with Juno
  • Yamaarashi’s Takeshi is soon to release album of overseas collaborations under the alias ALLY & DIAZ


  • LITE to perform in Manchester


Be Genki (^o^)y

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24 June 2012

As much as I love feedback and positive comments, I have just recently had 30 comments, which I was right to be sceptical about as they appear to be spam-comments or fake account comments, seeing the wording is slightly varied in each comment. So if you’re commenting on any of the pages, please can you use either the words ‘Neo Kei’ or ‘Genki’ in your phrasing so that I know you’re a real person. Much appreciated and enjoy the pages.

4 May 2012

A-ha!  After starting this blog nearly a year ago I may have finally figured out how to have both active posts and pages! It seemed very strange why I could create posts that appeared nowhere unless you had the link. But as it turns out the settings were not set up correctly.

It should work now that I can create individual news bulletins with all the latest music news from Japan, and you’ll actually hear  about it! I’ll look through the tutorials to find new ways to improve the blog as a whole. The only temptation might be to create individual posts for all the past news items I’ve added to the news page for the last few months *goes to look*. There’s only 3 ‘posts’ added to the page.

So what I’ll do is create 3 new posts to show the different articles, then post the new music news stories onto the news page. So sorry in advance for the multiple notifications, but this the simpliest way I know to format the blog to be consistent. I may possibly delete the Home page if that becomes redundant, so sorry if you made comments there that might now be deleted. If you have any suggestions about what you’d like to see on the Neo Kei blog then please let me know!

Be Genki (^o^)y

23 August 2011

Neo Kei has joined the world of WordPress!

Here I will condense all the news I find and want to share into weekly managable blog bites. I’ll be playing around with the format over the next few weeks, so I’d welcome any suggestions you have. I’m very new to the blogging, so gomen so any bumps along the way.

I hope you enjoy the info and thoughts I share with you, please support Neo Kei and especially the Neo Kei Music Club Nights.

Keep an eye out for the first of Neo Kei blogs.

Be Genki (^o^)y